Twitter New Feature To Limit Replies On The Compose Screen

Twitter New Feature¬† – Twitter Inc. is an American and social networking service company. It headquarters located in San Francisco, California. The main aim of the company is to provide its users with the facility to interact. And post their messages in the form of ‘tweet,’ which has introduced by the company.

Earlier when the service was introduced in the market for the users. The word limit for each tweet was restricted to 140 characters. But, recently, in the year 2017, the word limit for each tweet is 280. It is to all the languages except Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

Twitter New Feature

The users who have registered in the account can only enjoy the facility of posting things, liking the posts, and replying to different tweets. Whereas unregistered users can only read those tweets.

Users can access Twitter through their official website, through SMS service and by downloading the mobile application software. Twitter has launched by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in the year 2006.

Rapidly the app gained popularity all over the world. It has checked that in the year 2013, about 100 million people posted 350 million tweets daily. And proved to be a massive success for the company.

It has found out that in the year 2018. There are nearly 320 million monthly active users. The company succeeded in arranging debates and covered news regarding the election and other necessary fields. It has proved to be one of the most popular social media platforms after Facebook.

Recently, Twitter has announced that they are going to bring up a new feature on their platform. It will upgrade the quality of conversations between users. One of Twitter’s members said that they are adding a new feature to the compose screen. It will let users converse well. The new feature has divided into four parts, namely- Global, Group, Panel, and Statement.

Limit Replies On The Compose Screen

Global gives the facility to check if someone has replied or not. Group provides the facility to follow different people. The panel is the feature that allows you to specify the people and mention them in a tweet. And at last, the Statement provides the facility to post a tweet in the platform simply.

Twitter New Feature

Twitter’s Director of Product Management, Suzzane Xie, mentioned very clearly that they are going to limit the spread of tweets. To keep the user’s account secure. It has also decided to launch another feature which also concerned about the conversation view.

It also has the facility to thread-specific tweets. This feature will lead you to reply to someone quickly and can make contact with the person you want. They have also planned up provide everyone the functionality to follow specific essential topics or posts rather than different persons.

Twitter To Limit Replies

When the user is going to look through the tweets, there will be a notification asking to follow the topic of that particular tweet. It enables you to follow a specific post rather than following the unknown person. It instead increases the safety of your account.

One of the Product Manager of Twitter named Rob Bishop revealed that they presented in an experiment with these new features. They are saying that they will launch their unique features. Later this year, but before starting them, they will check the reactions of the users after releasing their demo and test version in the market.

At first, they are going to start up with some topics related to entertainment, sports, comics. ¬†And many more topics that have no link with politics to check out the user’s reaction to this feature. The user needs to study the way this new feature works.

Twitter was also planning to assist users by improvising the app in their display fields, which will ultimately provide the user to experience a new level of technical acknowledgment.