Sony To Suprise With An Electric Car Named Vision S

Sony Vision S – Sony corporation is a multinational company in Japan. It headquartered in Konan, Minto, and Tokyo. The company deals in a variety of consumer products which includes electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services.

The company also owns the world’s largest music entertainment business along with it. They also had declared as the World’s largest manufacturer of video game console. They were also are known as the largest video game publishing business.

Sony To Suprise With Vision S

One of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets for both consumer and professional purposes. This company was started at the beginning of World War 2 in the year 1946 by Ibuka and Akio Morita.

The company has developed Japan’s first tape recorder called the Type-G. At first, the company is known as Tokyo Tsushin Kōgyo.  But later in 1958, the company changed its name to Sony.

Sony had first participated in NRG eVgo Ready for Electric Vehicle (REV) program in 2014 for introducing EV charging parking lots. The company has known for manufacturing electric vehicle’s lithium-ion batteries.

Recently all the tech giants like Google and Apple are working on manufacturing an electric vehicle and shelf driven cars. Even Mercedes  is ready to introduce the first member of  fully electric Mercedes EQ family.

It expected that this family would have ten new models by 2022. Sony is also ready to enter the newly flourishing tech advancement race. By investing approximately $842000 in the ZMP company.

Recently the company announced its new plan of launching an electric car at CES. It will be a Frist prototype of vehicles that the company is planning to produce. This prototype will represent the series of electric cars that the company will manufacture, and this initiative named VisionS.

Electric Car 

The company is planning to introduce a range of electric vehicles based on this prototype. Which the company has recently announced during a press event. The company has joined hands with the number of companies. That includes Bosch, NVIDIA and Qualcomm for developing the prototype sedan.

Sony With A Electric Car

This car is loaded with features like it has 33 sensors which perform the various function like autonomous driving, 360 Audio technology, the screen with full display and many more.

Though the company has not revealed all the information of Vision-S in the event, we can expect to have a closer look at this tech god in the fact of Las Vegas.

Vision-S is proof that shows Sony’s advanced image sensing technologies as well as it shows the company’s progress in developing products using Artificial Intelligence along with other techniques.

Along with 33 sensors that fitted on both inside and outside of the smart vehicle. It comprises an image sensor that has high resolution with HDR compatibility.

It can sense roads, detect objects, and can also identify colors with it’s highly developed sensors. The car also has the  Night vision sensor, which enables the day and night vision of the vehicle.

Vision S

Vision has another exclusive sensor by which it can easily detect and recognize people nearby. This sensor can also perform as an entertainment system. These sensors and technologies of the company have come together to create something out of the box. The company called their Safety Cacoon Concept, and they believe the car can detect with its 360 degrees around it with the help of these sensors. The company also said that the car has Level 2 driving skills, which will allow the vehicle to control its acceleration, brake system, and wheel.

But still, the diver will require to be attentive about the car’s response in case of some system failure. It is the only Tesla ish prototype with a specification sheet. The car is four-seater, which has two 200kW engines. It can go from 0 to 62 MPH in 4.8 seconds while its speed is 149 MPH.

Thus all these features undoubtedly give us more reason to wait for the Las Vegas event. The company reveals other features of the futuristic car.