Segway’s New S-Pod Motorized Chair Can Go 24MPH

Segway’s New S-Pod  – Segway is all set to introduce new standards in the tech world. The company is mostly known for two-wheeled scooters that can balance them all alone, without the user’s support. Segway’s S- Pod is a new wheelchair that redefines the technology. It takes the bar to the next level. Those gyro spheres inspire the chair in the Jurassic Park movie that could transport people from one place to another.

The standing scooters earlier launched by the company required the user to lean forward or backward to control. But with S-Pod, this is not the case. Segway’s New S-Pod has its navigation on a navigation panel right next to the user’s hand. This navigation panel will help the user to control the direction and pace of the chair. You can also control the motorized chair with the help of a Joystick.

Segway’s New S-Pod Motorized Chair

The best part is you are not the only one who is controlling the chair. The company has incorporated wheels on the chair as well, to ensure the complete safety of the users. S-Pod will have two small wheels at the back, the third one at the front.

S-Pod is capable of going as high as 24 miles per hour. This chair is the most comfortable moving chair launched by the company. That’s not it.

The chair can also climb to 10 degrees. The motorized car would go as far as 44 miles in one go. The vehicle designed so intelligently that it stops itself whenever it experiences any shifts in the center of gravity. It prevents the chair from tipping over some object or a person.

However, as of now, Segway is not going to launch the car to public use but keep it in theme parks. Due to federal regulations.  Let’s hope that as the company has launched the scooter for the public, the same it does for the S-Pod motorized chair as well. Initially, we are expecting the S-Pod chairs to be in movement only in enclosed spaces like airports, malls, etc.

S-Pod Motorized Chair

Segway is a company that specializes in the production of two-wheeled personal vehicles. Segway based in America and founded in 1999 by dean amen. The company headquartered in Bedford, New Hampshire. The company, since 2015, is owned by a Chinese company Ninebot.

About Segway

The company specializes in the production of these transports and markets them to markets such as the police department., corporate campuses, etc. SInce Ninebot acquired the company, Segway has developed a stronger presence in the market with the inclusion of smaller products like the Segway mini Pro. These smaller products reach out to more people and increase the customer’s reach to the product.

After the company got acquired by Ninebot, it launched Segway miniPro in 2016. It was the time when hoverboards were in trend. And Segway, by starting mini pro at that time, set a new definition of advancement at that time. Segway took hoverboards to the next level.

miniPro could use for personal use. They are the motorized skateboards that could balance themselves without any external help from the user.  The company introduced the hoverboard as a smaller version of the old personal transporter.

In most hoverboards, you must lean with your feet to control the device. However, miniPro came with a steering bar to control the movement. And that was when it revolutionized the hoverboards.

When in 2015, Segway acquired by Ninebot, it rivaled every hoverboard y its competitors. The company said that its rivals infringed their copyright patents of self-balancing two-wheeled scooters.

The other products by the company include Segway Robot and Ninebot by Swegway E+