Scopely Buys FoxNext Games Los Angeles And Cold Iron Studios From Walt Disney

Scopely Buys FoxNext Games – Scopely is finally acquiring Disney’s FoxNext games studio. The same game studio that was behind some worldwide hits like Marvel Strike Force and Cold Iron Studios from Disney. Scopely is a major fast-growing mobile games company.  It gives free-to-play games to its users.

FoxNext Games, in a statement, appreciated its team’s hard work and accomplishments. The merger will add another top game to Scopely’s vast library of games. This merger, along with a new popular game, will also bring an expert team to Scopely. FoxNext Games released its title Marvel Strike Force in March 2018.

Scopely Buys FoxNext Games

The game has gained a big fan base and has been growing popular. It has become one of the top mobile games both on iOS and Android. The revenue from the games was $150 million in the first year. As of now, the studio is developing Avatar: Pandora Rising.

This game based on James Cameron’s movie Avatar. However,  some of the Fox IP licensed games will continue to be a part of Disney’s games business. Disney took over FoxNext Games game studios and licensed games in 2019.

Tim O’ Brien from Scopely, in a statement, said that he is completely fascinated with FoxNext Games productions. He said he looks forward to what else the company does in the merger.

Upon the completion of the merger, Loeb will work in Scopely at a  newly created position, and Rahimi, who is currently Senior Vice President at FoxNext Games, will be working for the FoxNext games studio under Scopely as President.

Scopely Buys FoxNext Games

LionTree is the financial advisor to Disney, whereas Moelis & Company is the financial advisor to Scopely.

The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is an American entertainment and mass media conglomerate. It is commonly known as Disney. Yeh company headquartered in California and. The company specializes in the production of television films, short movies, video games, broadcasting, amusement parks, web portals.

In 1923 Disney founded by brothers Walt and Roy O. Disney. They then named the company as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. It also functioned under the names of The Walt Disney Studio and Walt Disney Productions. The company later changed its name officially to The Walt Disney Company in 1986.

Disney has given massive hits in the field of film making. It is known for its film studio. Some of its studios are Marvel Studio, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios. These studios have produced some significant hits like Marvel series.

About Scopely

Scopely is an American company that develops and publishes interactive mobile games. The company headquartered in California has its offices in Barcelona, Ireland, and Tokyo. The company partners with game developers and creates free to play mobile games on smartphones having iOS and Android as their operating system.

Scopely company has its offices in 4 locations. It has produced some major hit games like Star Trek Fleet Command, and The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. The first free-to-play launched by Scopely was Dice with Buddies.

Final Comments

The merger between FoxNext Games Studio and Scopely can release some of the significant free-to-play mobile games. The expertise in the FoxNext Games will lead the market for Scopely in the development of the games. The massively hit game Marvel Strike Force will also add to Scopely’s games library.

Marvel Strike Force, a mobile game developed and published by FoxNext games studios. The game gained massive popularity and the revenues in the first year were as high as $150 million. The game released on both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Let’s hope the merger will bring more exciting games for us.