Samsung To Sell It’s Rotating Sero TV Outside Korea

Samsung Rotating Sero TV  – Samsung is a South Korean multinational multiple business entities which had its headquarters in Samsung Town, Seoul. This company invests in various types of businesses under their family brand name Samsung. It considered the most significant homogenetic business in South Korea.

The company founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. In the next three decades, the company has spread its reach in different industries like food processing, textiles, insurance, securities, and retail.

Samsung Rotating Sero TV 

Though the company entered the electronics industry in the late 1960s and mid-1970, it steps into construction and shipbuilding industries. But from 1990, the company started putting stress on the increasing globalization of their electronics products.

These electronics products mainly include mobile phones and semiconductors. It considered being the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and semiconductors.

Samsung launched its first television, which first full HD 3D LED TV in March 2010. And in 2009, the company has sold approximately 31 million flat panel television, and it has been maintaining the world’s largest share consecutively for four years.

The launch of 3D television by the company has received an overwhelming response from the consumer all over the world, evidence of this overwhelming response is that the company has sold more than one million 3D television within six months of its launch.

rotating Sero TV

Later the company launched 3DHome Theatre, which gives the title of the world’s first company in the industry to have a full 3D offering to the company. The company offers various 3D products, which include 3D television, 3D Blu-ray player, 3D content, and 3D glasses.

The company launched the “Internet TV ” in 2007. This TV enables its viewers to receive information through the Internet when they are watching their favorite shows on TV.

Later the company enhanced the television experience for its users with the introduction of Smart LED TV, which later renamed Samsung Smart TV.

This television has unique features that enable the user to download various apps and operate them on their smart tv. Samsung also offers Samsung apps and many other apps for free to its premium service members in multiple countries.

Sero TV 

Recently the company has announced that they are going to showcase a new generation television known as Sero in CES 2020. it will change your concept of video with Sero. As it has a big display that flipped around based on your phone orientation.

According to most of the tech giants, this new television is perfect for today’s mobile generation. Samsung Rotating Sero TV has a 43-inch display that can automatically rotate according to content that has been played on your phone, connected with it. The TV also has a 4.2 channel 60W speaker system, which correlated with the frame of the whole TV. This feature enables the free movement of the TV.

The company further said that these set up is compact for its customers that are not so TV-centric. They had built this television with a vision that consumers can easily blend the TV with their home decor.

Samsung Sero has tons of features, which include Apple AirPlay2 standard connectivity. It enables its iOS user to beam content to the TV with the help of WiFi. Another feature of this TV known as Sound Wall. That lets the Sero display photos, posters, videos, and even music. It said that Sero is a rightful predecessor of Samsung Wall.

The company has also announced its plans for introduction 8k QLED TV, and the Q950TS. These TVs will have nearly 99 percent screen body ratio, and the company named this range as Infinity Screen. Thus the company has planned to increase its reach with the introduction of new ache television setups.