Philips Launching Its New OLED TV In The USA

Philips New OLED TV – Koninklijke Philips NV multinational company that had its headquarters in Amsterdam. It considered being the largest electronics company in the world. That currently concerns rating more on health technology.

It founded by Gerard Philips, along with his father, Fredrick. The product that the company produce was a light bulb. Later the company earned the royal and honorary title.  So it decided to omit the word Electronics from its name.

Philips Launching New OLED TV

Though the company is known for its lighting products. But the company also developed a wide range of other products. Like audio products ( wireless speakers, radios, headphones, etc. ) and health care products. Which includes clinical informatics, imaging system, diagnostic monitor, etc.

The company now ready to launch a new set of products which is an OLED TV. The company has shown off its recent merchandise Philips OLED 804, in the event of Las Vegas.

It ready to launch the product along with Funai, that access to the US. The OLED is an organic light-emitting diode.

This light-emitting diode made up of organic semiconducting layers. It located in the middle of two electrodes, and one of these electrodes has to be transparent.

The OLEDs used for creating a display of different types of gadgets. Recently OLEDs have been used in making television screens and monitors. The first OLED TV in the world was XEL-1 launched and developed by Sony in 2007.

It was also known as World’s thinnest TV on those days. Later LG joins the legacy by launching their first OLED TV, which in August 2014. So it was not entirely surprising that Philips is also willing to join the race of changing the future of television.

The  Philips OLED 804 is a lot to offer though it is the first one of its series. OLED 804 has an outstanding contrast ratio with display technology. That developed in comparison to others in the market. It has sharp picture quality with 4k quality resolution with Ambilight technology.

The new advanced technology enables the display of TV to adjust the colors displayed on a screen with colors of the wall behind the TV. This technology enhances the contrast and hue of the colors displayed on the screen of the TV.  All this feature made the product unique from other OLEDs in the market.

Philips Launching New OLED TV


The OLED 804 has many notable features which add o its uniqueness like it’s HRD technology. It is the only product in the USA with three HRD Technology, which includes HRD 10 and 10+, Dolby Vision.

All this HRD tech creates a full theatre-like experience on the couch in your living room. This experience enhanced by an outstanding audio quality, which supported by Dolby Atmos.

Another factor that responsible for this experience is its highly developed ambient lighting technology which can set its display in an exclusive high definition way, which ultimately will provide professional lighting and effects

Another amazing feature of this OLED TV is its Android-based operating system.  It installed with Android 9pie. This feature enables the devices to operate Google services freely. And allow it to download any Android-based apps and other software.

It also has inbuilt Chromecast technology, which helps the user to share content. Other files directly from his Smartphone to TV in a smart manner. It also supports Google Assistance, which enables the user to control it through his voice. Thus it can become a perfect member of your smart home.

Though the company hasn’t disclosed much about the pricing of this product, we can expect that the price will be more or like its competitors. The company has confirmed that this product will launch soon this year.