Nvidia Asus Designed A 360 Hz Gaming Monitor For E Sports

Nvidia Corporation an American technology company incorporated in Delaware. Its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Their main aims are designing Graphics Processing Units(GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, designs System on a Chip unit (SoCs) for mobile computing and automation market.

They comprise their primary GPU product line, which is named GeForce. It has its direct competition with the Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Full products named as Radeon. It has also made many other products, especially for the gaming fields. Called Shield Portable, Shield Android TV, and Shield Tablet.

Slowly the company has diversified its aims in mainly four fields. Namely gaming, professional visualization, data centers, and auto. At present, it has also spread its wings in the area of Artificial Intelligence. Apart from GPU production, the company also provides parallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists, which helps them to run high-performance applications.

Nvidia Asus

All these high performing applications mainly used in the field if supercomputing sites around the world. It had started making various kinds of processors for smartphones and tablets along with the vehicle navigation systems. Its main competitors include AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, and many other technology companies.

Recently Nvidia, in collaboration with Asus, has announced that they are going to launch the world’s first 360 Hz G -Sync monitor, which will be for the betterment of the gamers. They will launch the new generation monitor, which they named Asus ROG 360 at the beginning of the CES 2020.

This monitor designed only for gamers as they will get a huge advantage. Along with an extravagant GPU installed in it. Earlier people used to think that if the speed exceeds 60 fps, then the device would stop working. But now the rate of 360 Hz it seemed that it would work with enormous power and energy.

Nvidia Asus

As it made in favor of gamers, the single-player games would not be worth playing on it, whereas sets comprising multiplayer strategies and shooting games will get advantage by using that screen.

In this monitor, Nvidia reveals that the frames displayed at every 2.8 ms, which ultimately will make the game clear and reflexive with advanced human controls. It comprises of a 24.5″, 1080 pixel HD  monitor. But only using the standard and straightforward resolution of the monitor, the user can smoothly go to be able to get the best part of the display even in the low demanding games, like CS: GO, along with a high-end GPU preinstalled in it.

360 Hz gaming monitor

Nvidia, along with G-Sync, has made it clear for the gamers to play the high-resolution games with advanced superhuman controls. Through this next-generation monitor, the company recommends their RTX range to the users.

From this, it quickly said that the world’s fastest monitors were able to compete with the highly technologically advanced monitor at any point in time. Even the quickest monitor cannot beat the monitor concerning the features used in ASUS ROG 360.

The demand for games increasing rapidly, along with the increase of gamers all around the world. So companies are bringing their PCs and Laptops with highly advanced processors and GPUs. It estimated that the price of the latest monitor launched by Nvidia along with Asus would not be below. Still, they have declared that they are going to display this latest high definition monitor in the exhibition if CES 2020.

As a whole, next-generation gamers are going to experience the next level and highly advanced gaming devices, which will ultimately add a new milestone in the rapid growth of modern gaming technology.