Masimo Claimed Apple For Stealing Patent Details Of Trade Secret

Masimo is a well-known manufacturer of heath instruments like the patient monitoring technology of America. The company has its headquarters in Irvine, California. Joe Kiana founded it in 1989.  He was an engineer by profession, and he supported by his friend Mohammed Diab.


The company first invented the machine to monitor a person’s oxygen saturation level. This machine is known as pulse oximetry. The company has declared to be one of the most innovative companies in the field of medical devices.

Though the company recently faced treachery as a famous multinational company, Apple has stolen some of its patented gadgets.  And details for using them in their latest products.

Apple  Inc. is a multinational company that has originated in America. The company has its headquarters in Cupertino, California. It is known for developing a variety of electronic products and software. Also known as one of the four most prominent tech companies of this era.

Steve Jobs established the company. Along with his friend Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in the year 1976. The company has known the production of some trendy gadgets.  That includes Apple Watches, Apple TV, wireless headphones AirPods, and the smart speaker Home pod, etc.

Masimo Claimed Apple

The company recently accused of stealing some trade secrets of a well known pharmaceutical company name Masimo. The company has lodged a legal complaint against Apple in the US district court.

In the complaint, the company has mentioned that Apple has used its patent trade secret for developing a few features. In their latest series of Apple Watches, which includes Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.

The company also claimed that Apple had used 10 of their patents illegally. The company specified that Apple Watches has some adapted features. That includes heart rate monitoring developed using their licenses.

The Apple Watches are the products which are rapidly gaining popularity. It considered one of the most flourishing gadgets in the company — the product launched in September 2014.

The primary function of this device back then was to track the health and fitness level of a person. But later in 2016-17, the company has introduced Apple Watches series 2 and 3.

Masimo Claimed Apple

At the same time, it released another standard version of this series known as Apple watch Series1. And recently, the company has launched Apple Watches series 4 in 2018 and round 5 in 2019.

But these products are now accused of having some stolen patent features. Massimo is pleading to the court for blocking those devices because of their illegal adaptation of their technology.

Masimo Sue Apple For Stealing Patent Details

They accused that the company illegally obtain their confidential secrets. But Apple doesn’t sit back on hearing this acquisition, and they had given the right reply to this acquisition.

According to a report in late 2013, there were rumors that Apple and Masimo will join their hands. And according to Massimo back, Apple has expressed its interest in understanding technology used by the company. But the collaboration doesn’t legalize.

Later Apple has offered the job to O’Reilly, who was the chief medical officer of Masimo. It also employs Marcelo Lamega, the chief technology officer of the Cercacor Laboratories.

As soon as they join the company, they started disclosing the secrets of Masimo. Though Apple knew that both of them violating the law, it doesn’t take any step against them.

Masimo has also said that they warned the company a few times that they shouldn’t illegally invade their patent rights. But the company has ignored their warnings.

Apart from the acquisition of treachery and illegally possession of trade secrets. The company has also claimed it right in invention on five patents. According to the company, most of the information on those patents obtained from their employee Lamego. Thus Masimo’s charges against the company prove to be destructive to the reputation of the company.