Lamborghini Surprised By A 3D-printed Aventador With The Real Thing

Sometimes you need to make the right wish at the right time for it to fulfil. It is what played out with the father-son duo from Erie, Colorado. Fifty-year-old Sterling Backus, the father of twelve-year-old Xander as usual, playing their favorite car racing video game. The Forza Horizon three, when Xander, like any other kid, asked his father if they could build a Lamborghini Aventador. Which also their favorite car, on their own. Being the fairy godmother kind of father Backus, he started to work on his son’s unimaginable wish.

Sterling Backus is a physicist by profession, at the Thor Labs. He reported saying to the CNN that he was always and has a Lamborghini lover. Ever since why, when his son asked him to build one, he did not have to think twice about it. Like father like son. Xander is also a Lamborghini lover as it has turned out.

3D-printed Lamborghini 

The father-son duo started to ignite the torch of their imagination and began with the project of their Lamborghini creation in February of 2018. After two months of their project, a phone call changed their life and became an opportunity of a lifetime. The caller was none other than the chief officer of marketing at the Automobili Lamborghini, Katia Bassi. Regarding the phone call, Sterling Backus told CNN that he shaken to the core after the call. He was anxious and happy that the makers themselves reached out to him.

Katia Bassi made the phone call for sterling and his son Xander to feature in a special holiday’s commercial for the promotion of the Lamborghini, as icing on the father- son’s cake. The cherry put on afterward when Bassi presented them with the offer of having the Lamborghini Aventador S for two weeks on loan. The generous gesture by the manufacturers has left the Backus family speechless and thankful forever.

Around 649 units of Lamborghini sold per year. The report by the manufacturers themselves. The price of 460,247 dollars what the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster loaned to the Backus family costs in the market. A whole fortune worth of money.

3D Printed Lamborghini

The project by Sterling Backus will be used as a project for technology, engineering, science, and mathematics because Lamborghini is strict about the uniqueness of its products.

Lamborghini Surprised 

Also, the project of the Backus has tagged as the original Lamborghini. It also has not sold as the original car. That’s the sole reason for the company comfortable with the creation of the 3D printed Lamborghini.

Sterling has told me that he used Solid works software. The software for three-dimensional drafting of projects. With the help of Solid works, Sterling printed an enlarged version of a toy Lamborghini’s parts to help his draft and create the parts for the project car.

He also used QIDI X pro-three-dimensional printers to print the 3D picture of all the parts of Lamborghini in great detail.

The Backus family has spent a total amount of about twenty thousand dollars on their dream project to date. The anticipated reveal done in August in the local show of cars, like a small scale car expo.

According to Sterling Backus, he had the overall joyful experience where he learned about the generosity of Lamborghini manufacturers and also had the chance to share a great bond of friendship with them.