Facebook Messenger Requires A Facebook Account Sign Up

Messenger an app powered by Facebook. The app provides messaging facilities to the people who are in the user’s contact list as well as those who are friends on Facebook. All the users of Facebook eventually used the Messenger app.

In recent news, it revealed by the Messenger app that any user who wants to have access to the app necessarily requires a Facebook account. Earlier there was no such compulsion. Users could have the application working with just providing their contact number instead of the new requirement of the Facebook account.

All the new users were able to notice this new change. Now a Facebook account required to use the Facebook Messenger or Facebook Messenger Lite app.

Facebook Messenger

It noted that a large part of the Messenger using the population already access the app via their Facebook account. Therefore the makers and developers decided to make the process easier and simpler.

If any of the users are not using their Facebook account currently to login to the Facebook Messenger app then they need not worry about anything. Everything will be the same for them as it has been before.

The matter has gained publicity because of the complaints made by some of the users of the application. The users have claimed that they have been receiving a notification about their Facebook account being restricted whenever they are trying to login to Messenger. The makers and developers say that this problem must be because of a possible bug in the system.

Facebook Messenger

In the month of June 2015, Facebook had proposed the new login feature of Facebook Messenger. Where the requirement of the Facebook account was put forth.

The requirement was first of all made available for Facebook users from Peru, the United States of America, Venezuela and Canada. Apart from login through contact number, Facebook Messenger allowed the usage of the name of the user. As well as photo as a form of identification of the user.

The new login feature of the Messenger app also antedates the upcoming integration program of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram as per the reports by New York’s daily. The technological base of all three apps will be unified to function as one. The resultant will be a retrofit communication app for billions of users all around the globe.

Facebook account to sign up for messenger

The popular messaging app WhatsApp single handily managed to provide services to a total of 1.5 billion users per month. While 1 billion active users associated with the Messenger app and 1.3 billion Instagram users all around the globe. A unique experience for users.

With reference to the chat encryption feature made available for WhatsApp chats, Mark Zukerberg, Chief Executing Officer of Facebook has thrown some light on the chats and messages to be ephemeral and safe. He said that he wants his consumers to easily communicate with each other no matter how far they are.

Also, he talked about the security of chats. People on social media tend to share their crucial data with each other through chats. It makes necessary for the chats to be encrypted and transitory. The whole concept of security aligned with the new principle of interoperability of all the social media networks. ,

The makers and developers want the users to be able to communicate with their friends and contacts without any hassle from their network. The users can use any of the social media messaging platforms to reach out to their friends. Later on, the developers will provide these facilities for SMS as well.