CES 2020 Streaming War Reveals As Media Nabs The Spotlight

CES 2020 Streaming War  – CES (Consumer Electronics Show) an annual consumer electronics trade show which is organized by the Consumer Technology Association. It first held in June 1967 in New York City. Earlier it was part of the Chicago Music Show, which is still the main event that exhibits consumer electronics.

 CES is an event which known for attracting the attention of tech lover and its exhibition of futuristic gadget doesn’t let this Techies take their eyes off from the screen of the television and other wall gadgets. Though this year, the conference’s long-running media sideshows are capturing the main stage, the event still includes two keynotes by companies with a vision to shape the future of the television.

CES 2020 Streaming War

Media is putting all their efforts to cover even the small shows, which also have the slightest link with CES 2020. The media houses had started gathering in the city of Las Vegas with the hope of covering every single detail related to CES. The hotel room in Vegas is already running out because of these media crowd.

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On the other hand, companies like Netflix, Apple, Google all gearing up to invest all they can for winning the race of becoming media heavyweight. Some of the newcomers, like Netflix and Apple, has a big announcement to make in this event. Netflix will unveil its estimated budget, which is $15 billion approximately for programming last year.

Similarly, Apple, a new close competitor of Netflix in the video category, also going to launch AppleTV Plus in November. And AT&T is going to announce their latest takeover of 85 billion dollars of HBO, which had been confirmed by HBO owner Time Warner which the Warner Media also had confirmed last year.

Other traditional media power empowering themselves with new and improved tech and gadgets to win these races. Disney recently launched Disney Plus, which created a fierce competition for streaming giants like Netflix.

Also, other media giants like NBC UNIVERSAL waiting in the row to follow the tradition of streaming through the launch of their streaming services which known as Peacock.

CES 2020 Reveals 

The Streaming war getting intense, with more and more companies preparing for the launch of their streaming services. The service expected to release with the next seven months. The result of this streaming War can change the future of television. Also, it influences the audience to spend more and more for watching their favorite shows and movies.

Apple and Disney the first two who going to enter this race in November. While the other three companies are planning to reveal themselves. The competitor with the release of their services backed by billions of dollars as an investment in 2020.

Among these three companies, the first one is Quibi, which pretty new name for most people. Quibi backed by every major Hollywood studio, and it plans to launch a star. Stubbed mobile subscription services for the quick short video, also known as Quick bites.

Quib has its eyes on talent and famous stars of Hollywood, like Dwayne Johnson, Chrissy Teigen, Kevin Hart, etc. Though the company has maintained its silence about the ability, it is going to bring in the stage CES.

The second competitor of these streaming races is Comcast’s NBCUniversal, which will launch Peacock in April. Peacock promises to deliver some exciting shows categories like office, park, and recreation. It hoped that it would make a reboot of The Office. As well as revive the shows like Battlestar Galactica, Punky Brewster, etc.

And last but not least, AT&T’s HBO Max will launch in May, which will be streaming some all-time favorite shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Game Of Throne, and Watchman, along with its originals.

Thus we can expect to see some excellent streaming services in 2020, which will dominate the CES 2020 Streaming War this year.