Apple Itself Positioned To Be The Next HBO

 Apple is all set to become the new HBO. Richard Plepler, who is a former CEO of HBO, has announced something big on Thursday. He said that he had signed a five- year deal with Apple. Plepler’s company Eden Productions has signed an agreement with Apple according to which, Plepler will produce movies, TV shows for Apple TV+.

Plepler previously worked at HBO for about 27 years. About a year ago, when AT&T completed its acquisition of HBO, Richard decided to quit, and eventually, he left the company. Plepler was the face behind making HBO a pristine. He introduced content like the Game of Thrones and made HBO a massive success in the past years.

Apple To Be The Next HBO

On the one hand, where Apple will have the guy behind GAme of thrones and Sopranos, on the other hand, HBO, who has decided to launch its streaming service this year in May, will feature The Big Bang Theory. HBO will launch the streaming service, HBO Max. It has all the old shows on Max.

Apple tv

Apple, who now expected to gear up in media production, has already given a bit of failure, such as The Morning Show and See. These shows have not been able to gather much of the public as expected. But now Apple is all set to bloom in the field of media production. All thanks to Richard Plepler.

Richard will now create shows for Apple’s streaming service Apple. TV+ this service is an equal competitor of the HBO. Shows produced by him will be available on Apple TV+. This streaming service costs $4.99. However, you get a year’s free subscription with new apple devices. Apple has been massively spending to make this streaming service a success. Meanwhile, Warner Media, who is the parent company of HBO, will launch a streaming service under HBO.

Many media companies have already boosted the streaming service market with their exclusive launches. Apple and AT&T are joining a market where services like Netflix and Hulu have their boon.

About Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is a streaming service. It lets the customers subscribe to the video on demand. It enables you to stream videos over the internet without ads. The service Launched on November 1st, 2019.

Viewers can access the content of Apple TV+ through Apple’s website or through Apple’s TV app, which expanded its reach to more devices, including APple’s competitors as well. As of now, no such option is available on platforms such as Windows and Android.

Initially, the company targeted to release the service globally, across 150 nations. But in its debut, Apple TV was accessible in only about 100 countries. It didn’t include highly populated nations where Apple generally sells its products. Apple provides its content on the app. So soon, when the service globally expanded, international licensing issues will not hamper Apple’s newly launched content streaming service.

This service is currently available at $4.99 per month. However, users who buy a new Apple device get a free subscription of one year.

About HBO

HBO is a cable and satellite television company based in America. HBO that is an abbreviation for Home Box Office has WarnerMedia Entertainment as its parent company. The content shown on the network consists of movies, documentaries, TV shows. It is the oldest operating television service in the USA. The company began operating on November 8, 1972.  The network provides seven channels that feature content of different genres. These channels show content 24- hours. The company launched its streaming service HBO Now in 2015.