Amid Technological Turmoil, Celebration At Global Electronics Show

Amid Technological Turmoil – Consumer Electronics Show 2020, commonly known as CES 2020, is about to begin this Tuesday. The show provides an opportunity to exhibit the new and advanced gadget in the tech industry, that too when it is facing such a tumult. The annual gala that witnessed more than 4500 exhibitors and 175,000 approximate audiences seeing the advancement and leaps the technology took.

If we speak of the current situation, the industry is facing much of an upheaval. But we expect that as soon as the fest ends on Friday, the details about the gala are released, which means that when the fest ends, the tech details could be issued for the rest of the world. It would be of great help in the field of health, education, communication, to name a few.

With the tumult going on in the background, the show is to begin on Tuesday. People are massively concerned about the data leak that occurred in the past. This data leak could be used maliciously by hackers, governments, etc. In the past, there has been a tug of war between the politicians against the tech platforms, raising the same concern.

Amid tech

The event will feature gadgets endorsed with artificial intelligence in many devices. Cars, homes, to name a few. Many gadgets expected to showcase old voice assistants such as Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant by Google. AI has infused in these devices to make people’s lives much more comfortable and more organized than ever before. Amid Technological Turmoil features such as speech recognition and object recognition will enhance a user’s experience and will make things done in a go. So, most of the devices at CES expected to have AI in-built inside them and enhanced than ever before.

global electronics show

Wearables provided by companies such as Google and others expected to feature much precise measurement of the users’ health than before. After the inclusion of the new technology present in 2020., there be a new battle amongst the wearables about who is the best.

Cars at the event will feature better computer visions. This will help to avoid accidents. Televisions crafted as smart home hubs. Robots present in the competition have shown a significant advancement. These robots can now understand the emotions or feelings of a human being. Not only understand. These robots could express their feelings, as well. Isn’t that amazing?

Global Electronics Show

To the degree at which this is amazing, this equally hazardous as well. So suppose, a robot can read all your facial expressions by collecting data such as facial expressions, tone of your voice. At first, you may think that a robot is your better companion than any other human being.

But have you imagined what could be the future of this? Tech dominant companies can use your data for marketing. Governments can use this data for their benefits like polling. So although on one hand technology is paving the way for us to make our lives easier, still its dangers haunt us to the next level.

The tension between China and the USA continues to go on. China, however, will represent the largest group of non- US delegates at the CES 2020. China also features Huawei, the company which was previously blacklisted by Washington amidst the security tension. In the past few years, Huawei has shown advancement in technology and infrastructure.

Reportedly, Chinese giants are seeking opportunities in locations like Latin America and Europe. These areas provide a massive market for these firms to come and market here.

The domestic market of china highly saturated, and they need to grow in other locations as well. They have already made space in Indian markets. Let’s see how it goes with other nations.