About Us

People in this busy world run around to do work and get money. It has been an important factor and people won’t leave a single chance to get the money and save the money. In that case, Telltims survey is our website where one can know how to earn gift cards, coupons, rewards and many more by taking part in the survey.

The complete web portal is about the survey and the sweepstakes provided by the store. Here we provide all the data and information which is necessary to participate in the survey. We also mention what all required to enter the survey and grab the opportunity to win exciting offers and gift cards.

The complete articles available on the portal will surely help the people on how to take the survey and earn money in the form of reards and gift cards. Also, note that we are not responsible for those rewards. We only gather the information and provide it to you here. And this is all about us and our portal.