– Telltims Survey 2021 | Get Tell Tim Hortons Free $1 Timbits Using Survey Code

Telltims Survey : Have you recently ate from Tim Hortons? Well, here some news for you. Tim Hortons is organizing a Tell Tim Hortons Survey, and it requires your full participation in it.

The survey is quite simple and a short one. But you must highly concentrate on the survey questions to provide the restaurant with the best survey responses just like it prepares your favorite meal with full focus.

Telltims Survey

A right customer is always the one who tells the restaurant how to serve its customers better. Tell the restaurant how was your recent experience at the restaurant. Was it a happening one? Did you like the food? Or your food wasn’t prepared the way you wanted? The restaurant is excited to hear it all.

Just don’t be hesitant in giving a negative response if you didn’t like something at the restaurant. Also, be sure that your Tell Tim Hortons Guest Survey not filled with prejudice. survey requires only 5-7 minutes from you. So it won’t take a day. Just sit and concentrate on the survey for 5 minutes. What’s more, is the restaurant chain is giving its customers reward coupons to redeem in the return of their valuable feedback.

Tim Hortons Free Timbits

About Tell Tims Guest Survey

When a food restaurant is small, it is easy to get a customer’s response and maintain them. Earlier, physical feedback forms given to assess a customer’s satisfaction level at the restaurant. Also, people were a bit friendly and were not hesitant in telling someone their faults.

But now in the age of modernization, things have changed. People are now a bit shy to talk about faults. Also, maintaining a considerable survey response database is a deal. It’s not as easy as it seems. So Tim Hortons has created a Tell Tims online survey facility to get its customer’s reviews about the restaurant.

Tell Tim Hortons Survey free Timbits focused on getting the reviews from the visitors of the Tim Hortons restaurant. It records every individual’s response and analyzes them. It will let the restaurant know about the things that its customers like and what they don’t like.

Taking the Tim Hortons Iced Cofee survey is easy, and you require a survey invitation from the restaurant to proceed to take the survey. This survey digit code is present at the bottom of your receipt of the latest visit. To learn how to make the survey and more, read below.

About Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons café and bakeshop is a fast-food restaurant chain. As of 2018, it is Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain. It specializes in drinks like coffee and food items like doughnuts. Tim Hortons also serves tea, hot chocolate, and baked food items.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop

It has a total of 4847 total stores operating in 14 countries. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company found in 1964.  It serves in many countries like the UAE, USA, UK, Mexico,  China, Qatar, and more.

Tim Hortons Free Iced Survey Eligibility

You must meet the following the given eligibility criteria and the ones required by the restaurant, to take the survey:

  1. One needs to be at least 13 years of age or more to take the survey. People below 13 years of age are not eligible to take the survey.
  2. You must be a resident of the USA or the UK to take the Tell Tim Hortons Free $1 Timbits survey. If you reside outside these territories, then you can not take the survey. Your entries deleted, and you were not able to claim your reward.
  3. Employees of the restaurant were not allowed to take the survey. The relatives of the employees are also not allowed to take the survey.

Rules To Go In For Tell Tims Survey

While you are participating in the contest, please follow the given rules:

  1. If you are ineligible, please do not take the survey. The entries by ineligible candidates are void and deleted.
  2. To access the survey, a receipt of your latest visit is compulsory. On the receipt, the Telltims Customer Satisfaction survey code is present without which you can not take the survey.
  3. The survey conducted in two languages, and they are English or French. Hence knowing at least one of them is necessary.
  4. You must take the survey within a week from your purchase. After a week, your Tell Tim Hortons survey Timbits code will expire.
  5. The reward coupons are meant for your use only and shall be used by you. You cannot transfer them to anyone else.

Requirements To Join Tims Survey Iced Coffee

So what do you need to take the survey?  Well, here we have listed out all the things that you need to take the survey:

  1. Your frequently used computer device
  2. High-quality internet
  3. Some time
  4. Need a receipt of your visit to the restaurant
  5. Basic knowledge of English or Spanish

Tim Hortons Survey Free Iced Capp Details

People who enjoyed the food in Tim Hortons café and bakeshop can now take part in the survey held by them. By taking part in the telltims guest feedback survey, they get a chance to win some free food from the restaurant. So we, in this article, given all the details regarding how to take part, what are the eligibility, rules to enter, and also the requirements to go for the survey. We here also gave a tabular form with a clear picture of the survey.

Tell Tim Hortons Survey Guide

Steps To Take Part In Tim Hortons Free Iced app Survey

TellTims Customer Survey is an easy one. Just follow the below-given steps to take the survey and claim your coupons:

  • In the first step, you must connect your computer device to the internet.
  • After making the connection, open your frequently used browser. Make sure that the javascript option turned on.
  • Then, search for the Tim hortons survey website on Google.
  • On the homepage, you can choose the language of your preference. You can choose either English or French.
  • Please note that the default language of the survey is English; hence if you are comfortable with English, you don’t need to make any changes.
  • Now, you may enter the survey code printed on your receipt.
  • If you are successfully verified, you take some questions. These survey questions based on your recent trip to the restaurant.
  • Read all the questions carefully and answer the Tim Hortons Feedback survey questions as precisely as you can.
  • Once you answered all the questions, you can double-check and submit your survey.
  • Yay! You are all set to claim your Tell Tim Hortons reward coupons. survey code

Tim Hortons Survey

Tim Hortons Timbits Survey Questions

So what was asked in the survey? Well, here we have discussed some aspects on which the questions asked in the survey:

  1. How was the restaurant from inside? Was it clean?
  2. How did you like the food quality?
  3. Will you come again or recommend the restaurant to your friends and family?
  4. How was the chef’s performance? Did he prepare the food the way you wanted?
  5. Rate your satisfaction level with the restaurant.

Rewards From Tell Tim Hortons Customer Survey

By taking the survey, you are eligible to claim your Telltims Survey reward coupons. All you need is to finish and submit the survey. You are given a coupon validation case from the restaurant shortly.

You can redeem this coupon for getting a discount on your next meal. Just take the survey code with you when you next visit the restaurant.

Tim Hortons Contact Number

  • You can contact them by calling the Tell Tim Hortons customer care number on 1 888 601 1616
  • Be sure to call them in the working hours which is from 5 AM to 11 PM
  • Or you can ask the restaurant your queries by sending them a mail on

Tim Hortons, Inc Office

874 Sinclair Rd, Oakville

Ontario, Canada, L6K2Y1. or

  • Tim Hortons Official Website
  • You can check out the latest offers from the restaurant chain by following their official pages on social media platforms like





Frequently Asked Questions On Tell Tims Survey Canada 

After my visit to the restaurant, when I can take the Tim Hortons survey free coffee?

After you purchase a meal or anything from the restaurant, you get a receipt for your meal. From the date of receipt, you can take the survey within a week from the date printed on your receipt. So go and quickly fetch your receipt to check if you can participate in the survey.

Is there any other alternative available in place of reward coupons?

No. The survey reward available to you in the form of coupons. One needs to redeem them in the form of coupons only. There is no other alternative available for the same. But in place of coupons, they also offer free food like Tim Hortons $1 free Timbits or Iced Capp.

Till when is the Canada survey code valid?

The tell tims customer survey coupon code for getting a discount is valid for 30 days. So to prevent any loss, you may visit the nearest Tell Tim Hortons restaurant if you have any survey reward.

How many times can I take the survey per Tell Tim Horton’s survey code?

For every receipt or Canada survey code, you can take the survey only once. You can’t take the survey more than once as the survey code will be invalid after it once used.


Tim Hortons has created an online feedback survey. It has been named as Tell Tims Guest Satisfaction Survey. The restaurant chain is hailing all its customers to be a part of its improvement drive. What you have to do is, check your receipt from your latest visit and find the Tell Tim Hortons survey code. It printed on the bottom of your receipt.

With this survey code, you can enter the survey and let the restaurant know what you like to improve about them. By participating in the survey, you also become eligible to claim a free reward coupon.

The survey code on your receipt is valid for three days only. So go and take the survey as soon as possible. Once you get your telltimhortons survey coupon code, you can redeem it within 30 days from the date you received the survey.